Saturday, August 19, 2017

1.8.1 Changelog

What's new:
  • Implemented session info filter. It was a detail left unfinished, amidst all the work we were doing on Sandstorm.
  • Added a toggle for the selection of drawn map objects, triggered by "S"
  • Drawn map objects can now be deleted by selecting items and hitting the "Delete" key. However, there is one caveat.

    This messes with the underlying undo/redo system. This necessitated the clearing of its queue, to avoid any weird or detrimental behavior in the application. Any remaining drawn objects will have to deleted manually, as they are no longer managed by the undo/redo system.

    Lastly, this deletion cannot be undone i.e. because the undo/redo queue was cleared.

    Before anyone asks, no, we will not try to figure out how to reinject the remaining objects into the manager, especially in a performant way; at least, not for the time being.
  • We've changed hotkeys and their behavior, for map tool menus. Moving from Q-T to 1-5, to pull up main groups, and selecting member tools from A-H to 1-7. Behavior also depends on wheter or not menu pinning is active or not.

    If it isn't, hitting #s 1 - 5 will open the corresponding main group, closing other group menus, or repositioning if the same # was used. When a main group is open, using #s 1-7 will select a member tool accordingly, and close the main group menu.
  • When menu pinning is active, member tool selection is inactive. Hitting #s 1-5 will simply reposition the corresponding main group, which is how menu pinning was intended to work anyway (i.e. key + mouse synergy).

    The hotkey info on context help, has been updated accordingly.
  • You can now save your Sandstorm credentials, to auto-fill the login dialog on subsequent attempts.
  • Minor issue with client connection UI preferences
  • Facing lock toggle bug (wasn't firing)
  • The UI spinner for movement metric type, under App Prefs, didn't display the correct saved value.
  • The move from XML to JSON carried over bad property keys for global macros.
  • Issue with the opacity of the glass pane that displays during transitions e.g. saving or loading, conflicting with helper outline when moving dock.
  • Missing window.update() function
  • Version checking

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