Sunday, August 27, 2017

What is Sandstorm?

Edit (January 26, 2018):

Upcoming features for Full Access subscribers are:

  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • Video conferencing

Features added since the original post:

  • Global Repository - a collection of submitted image assets, hosted in the cluod, for players of GMs with Full Access to access. This makes asset dissemination, so much faster than the usual way.

Sandstorm is, ultimately, a collection of cloud-based services centered around providing supporting our Virtual Tabletop applications.

Due to real-life time constraints that our small team faces, we mapped out development for Sandstorm, as a series of modules. We have finished the 1st module, and we are currently undergoing open public testing for it, with our devoted user community.

This 1st, and most important, module deals with:
  • Hosting session information for anyone in the world to find
  • Scaled data storage and dissemination
  • Assisting remote users, in connecting with these sessions.
  • Security and payment processing

We highlighted "remote" above, because Sandstorm is not meant to connect clients that are located within the same local network. Our apps (e.g. Mote), already have a means to connect such clients, which are a lot better, performance-wise, than routing through Sandstorm. Also, while it is possible to connect local clients via Sandstorm, behavior can unpredictable and the connection will likely be unstable.

But when used for its intended purpose, Sandstorm offers a (hopefully) seamless experience of getting gaming groups together. You just register yourself for the service, install our apps, login to Sandstorm, and let Sandstorm do all the work in getting everyone together.

No messing around with hardware. No need to install any 3rd party software. It's that simple :)

We believe it offers a noteworthy alternative to other Virtual Tabletops out there, particularly those that are purely hosted in the cloud. Our apps provide more features, perform a lot better since they're installed in your PC, and don't stop working if there is no internet. 

And we're just getting started. Sandstorm and our applications, have a lot more in store. With your support, we can make it all happen.

Do join us, and see for yourself :)

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