Friday, September 29, 2017

Mote 1.9

We have another major update which introduces Movement Event Layers (MEL), and updates to both token movement and map tools, in accordance with this new feature. Check out our dedicated article on Movement, for more details :)

Since this version introduces changes to the map and token models, please make sure to have a backup of your campaign, and other files.
Lastly, we have to apologize but we just didn't have time to update the Mote wiki with all the new changes (and the growing backlog of old ones, as well). To address this issue for the future, we've branched out the update process to allow us to deliver the wiki, without needing to time it with an actual Mote release.

Thank you.

Other new stuff:
  • New event hooks by request: onDeselect and onGroupDeselect
  • Expanded auto-updating process to handle Mote's Wiki separately from the app. This allows us to push updating the wiki at a more flexible date, instead of at the same time with a Mote update.
  • It's hard to explain, but we've tweaked the selection behavior for drawings in the hopes of improving it. Just try it out, to get a feel.
  • Hollow oval and hollow rectangle drawing tools.
  • Expanded map tools with the introductions of the MEL tool group
  • Created a branch in the update process to separate Mote wiki updates from the app itself.
  • Reported issue regarding the block.clearRules() function
  • Optimized Dynamic Blocking code that fixes a reported performance issue.
  • Updated and fixed Total API Conversion process for version 1.8+
  • Icons for map tools

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