Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mote 1.10

What's new: 
  • Newly reconfigured Sandstorm process. Please help us out and test it out with your group, especially before actual game days. It will help us greatly. Thanks.
  • Adding to the introduction of Movement Event Layers in version 1.9, we are pleased to introduce the next logical feature to complement it: Path finding.
    • Path finding is built on top of the existing (vision) blocking layer system.
    • It's precise, for the most part, although it can be better. The are edge cases involving circular and linear blocks where a section (i.e. cell) of the path will intersect with parts of the block. This has to do with the underlying mathematics and the limitations caused by the inherited map code from MT, where a loss of precision happens.
    • This was written separately from MELs, but is meant to be complementary to each other. Path finding is also meant to synergize with the previously written Dynamic Blocks, though we haven't tested that part as thoroughly was we wanted to.

      TL;DR Expect some growing pains as we fine tune both new features ;)
    • Like MELs, path finding is enabled by default when no server is in session (i.e. design mode). However, like MELs, these need to be enabled manually, via session policy, when a server is started. New options for these are on the dialog for starting a session server.
    • The Measure Tool can be used to visualize path finding, although, for now, it's still limited to paths made by a "medium-sized" (default size) token.
    • Path finding primarily works for snapped-to-grid movement, with some elements, such as movement denial, also available for unsnapped movement. We have earmarked expanding the feature for unsnapped movement, sometime in the future.

  • Added some new controls to the UI, for convenience sake e.g. Sandstorm login/logout.
  • Better UI responsivess when interfacing with Sandstorm.
  • General UI improvements
  • Autosave recovery is now optional. You can find an option for it under the Files menu.
  • Timing and ordering of Mote's initiative events e.g. onTurnStart, onTurnEnd, onRoundStart, onRoundEnd
  • More areas in the code that inadvertently revealed the map, due to the changes we made to the map drawing process.
  • Waypoint setting via mouse, while dragging a token.
  • Initiative functions involving token attributes. They now accept token names or ids as arguments, to specifiy the token to process. Please check code completion (i.e. type "initiative." to pull up the group), for more info.
  • Wrong code completion entries.
  • Minor UI bugs and behaviors

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