Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mote 1.11 Changelog

What's new:

This version has a ton of internal changes which we'll itemize below. This major release marks the start of the Global Repository (GREP, don't laugh anyone LOL) experiment. "Experiment", because it's future is dependent on Sandstorm's success. That's just reality folks ;)

You can read more about it on our blog post on the subject.

We've also overhauled z-ordering (draw order) in Mote, using an algorithm we cam up with. More details about this can be found on our other new blog post.

Anyway, we hope you all enjoy this release!

  • This is the final client config for Sandstorm. Please test.
  • The active perspective gets saved on exiting the application.
  • Addressed holow area edge case for path finding and MELs, especially when used for unsnapped movement
  • Improved path finding logic. 
  • New hotkeys for when the map has focus. Alt + 1 to 4 selects the active layer
  • Added support for extra mouse buttons (i.e. back and forth). For now, this was only applied to the map.

    New functionalities are:

    • Forward button = Redo last drawn object
    • Back button = Undo last drawn object
    • Shift + Forward button = Go to next map (cycles)
    • Shift + Back button = Go to previous map (cycles)
    • Ctrl + Forward button = Redo last drawn blocking or fog object.
    • Ctrl + Back button = Undo last drawn blocking or fog object.
We forgot to update the context help list prior to making this release. We'll get it on the next one ;)
  • function.define has a new parameter to define a description for what the UDF, returns. For more info, review its auto-completion entry.
  • json.get now defaults to JSON object, when an empty or blank entry is passed by the user.
  • The Sandstorm Login dialog can now be properly canceled and closed via the dialog control (i.e. 'X' window control). Escape to cancel & close, will also work.
  • We added an entry to the Tools menu to force the initial function correction process, which is part of the file conversion when converting an MT campaign or framework to Mote 1.6+. We realized that some users were still using some obsolete methods, even after 1.6+, and couldn't avail of the automated process.
  • Reported issues w/ Window API functions
  • Reported issues w/ Token Bar functions
  • Sandstorm login dialog could not be closed. Now it can be closed, and hitting Escapse, will also close this dialog.
  • User-defined functions created via function.define will now display the its description properly.
  • Erroneous code completion entries.
  • Several minor issues and bugs.
  • Disabled Dynamic Blocking on a previous version. It should be working again.

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