Thursday, February 15, 2018

Version 1.14

As stated on the previous release, HTML5 has been imported into Mote. Read more about it here.
We were supposed to release 1.13, which lays the foundation for Javascript and extended macro editor support, but due to reports that came in prior to its release, and the progress that then came in with regard to HTML5, Mote's version number has been bumped up to 1.14.

What's new:
  • HTML5 Forms and Views
  • The macro editor is better than ever, with enhancements for the other supported content (HTML, XML, Javascript, CSS)
  • Minor update to hotkey mapping for the macro editor
  • Foundation for Javascript, implemented.
  • File saving process
  • Macro editor template insertion behavior e.g. alt+h
  • Error reporting
  • Bugs submitted via auto-reports

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